Designing the Designer

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C-Infinity’s AIDA transforms design and manufacturing of next-gen physical products.

AIDA rapidly generates compelling solutions, engineers curate. Innovate fast.

Novel designs, faster production, and fewer iterations.

Harmonize design and manufacturing.

Integrate seamlessly with PLM. Simplify your value chain.

Stop spending painful cycles in production planning, BOM management, and New Product Introduction.

Use AIDA‘s AI for assembly design & manufacturing.

  • Fast design feedback.
  • Fast manufacturing process planning.
  • Fast, synchronized E/MBOM mapping.
  • Identify cost-reduction opportunities.
  • Efficient redesign. Consolidate parts.
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Strong Leadership Team. Funded by top Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms.

Sai Nelaturi, CEO

Ph.D., Mech Eng., U.W-Madison

CAD, AI, Digital Manufacturing

Carbon, PARC R&D Director

DARPA, UW-Madison career awards

Johan de Kleer, Chief Scientist

Ph.D., Comp. Sci., MIT

AI, Knowledge Rep., Search, Diagnosis

VP, R&D, Research Fellow, PARC

ACM, AAAI Fellow, IJCAI Awardee

Mats Bergstrom, CFOO

Stanford GSB

Business Ops, Finance, Sales

Head of Research, CFO, PARC

Start-up founder w/ exits

Jens Schmidt, VP Engineering


Full stack, cloud services

Former S/W Eng mgr, Carbon

Yahoo, Juniper Networks


Kumar Sreekanti, Advisor

Former CTO, HPE

Co-founder, CEO, Blue Data, Inc

VP, R&D, VMWare

CEO, CTO, Agami Systems


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  • Geometry processing
  • Spatial computing
  • Auto-regressive ML
  • Accelerated data structures
  • Physical simulation
  • Robotics, motion planning
  • Grasping and fixturing
  • Assembly planning
  • Manufacturing simulation
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • BOM information integration
  • BOP development
  • Data exchange standards
  • High-mix, low-volume production